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Master YOUR Mental Golf Type® Today With These Powerful Online Training Courses

ENTJ Level 1 Core Concepts

Mental Golf Type is the most innovative performance training in golf today. In Level 1 Core Concepts Training you will get PERSONALIZED Performance Training!

Unlock these secrets:

  • Discover why you play great one day and not the next (hint: it is not your swing)
  • Find out why the Zone has been so hard to get into and how you can access it on demand
  • Uncover the secret performance destroyers that most players are never aware of and learn to rid them immediately
  • Understand how you are wired to see targets and aim in a way that will instantly calm you even under the most pressure
  • The blueprint to your mind and how to best use for performance and getting rid of stress on the course
  • and much much more...

Also included

  • 18 Video Lessons To Master Your Mental Golf Type® and Performance
  • A Complete Text Manual Included In Each Lesson
  • Mini Quizzes To Enhance Retention and Application
  • Lessons Are All Hyper Specific To YOU
  • The Most Performance Enhancing Program You Can Get


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The Universal Consistency Formula

One of the greatest frustrations in golf is INCONSISTENCY. However, most players are mislead on how to reach consistency. The secret lies in a High Level Shot Process. 

In this program, we teach you the structure of a high level shot process. 

What you will get:

  • Find out this 1 thing that almost every player does before a shot that causes major inconsistency
  • Discover the structure that will make you 10x more consistent
  • Learn a simple secret that raises your percentage of hitting a great shot dramatically
  • Uncover the biggest myths that players are taught that is actually harmful and how you can ensure you don't fall into the trap
  • Get practical step by step structure and exercises to follow to implement immediately


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The Advanced Consistency Formula 

In this program, we go deep into how the Formula applies specifically to your Mental Golf Type. 

In this program, we reveal the exact:

  • Thought process that is optimal for you and how to implement
  • Thoughts that create stress and break your performance down.
  • Easy to implement strategies for you to shift from stress mode into optimal mode
  • Tools and exercises to master your Mental Golf Type Specific Formula immediately. 
  • and much much more...



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The Universal Practice of Great Practice

The 4 Pillar System To High Performance Practice
  • A Proven System To Make Your Practice 10x More Valuable
  • How To Structure Every Practice Session To Make Huge Strides
  • Learn The Practice Secrets That Will Instantly Enhance Your Retention And Skill Development
  • Find Out How The Missing Link Between Most Practices and Great Performances
  • Get Done For You Templates To Print And Go
  • And much much more...


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The Advanced Practice of Great Practice

Mental Golf Type Specific Drills and Practice Plans
  • Discover drills and styles of drills that fit your Mental Golf Type
  • Uncover powerful practice exercies and plans to make your practice 10x more valuable
  • Find out how to structure your practice plans to make them the most effective for you
  • Master MGT Specific drills for each facet of your game
  • And much much more...


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The Confidence Code

Unlock Your Inner Confidence With These Mental Fitness Programs