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ENTP Consistency Formula - High Level Shot Process Training

ENTP Consistency Formula - High Level Shot Process Training - $147

One of the greatest frustrations in golf is INCONSISTENCY. However, most players are mislead on how to reach consistency. The secret lies in a High Level Shot Process. 

In this program, we teach you the structure of a high level shot process. 

What you will get:

  • Find out this 1 thing that almost every player does before a shot that causes major inconsistency
  • Discover the structure that will make you 10x more consistent
  • Learn a simple secret that raises your percentage of hitting a great shot dramatically
  • Uncover the biggest myths that players are taught that is actually harmful and how you can ensure you don't fall into the trap
  • Get practical step by step structure and exercises to follow to implement immediately

Plus! Get Your ENTP Advanced Shot Process Blueprint!

  • Thought process that is optimal for you in each and how to implement
  • Thoughts that create stress in each zone and break your performance down.
  • Easy to implement strategies for you to shift from stress mode into optimal mode
  • Tools and exercises to master your Mental Golf Type Specific Formula immediately.
  • And Much More!

Now is the time to take your game to the next level by taking advantage of this incredible offer.