Mental Golf Type 

Lv1 Coach Certification Program

What You Get In The Certification Program...

The Benefits

  • Lifetime access to the Mental Golf Type Lv1 Coach Certification Online Program
  • Lifetime member of the Coaches CommunityĀ and access to monthly group support calls
  • Access to Live Online Training and Support Calls
  • All PGA professionals receive 10 MSR points upon completion.
  • Listed as a Mental Golf Type Lv1 Certified Coach onĀ theĀ website directory with your contact information.
  • 20% Affiliate Commission on any sale made from your students on MGT website using your link
  • Eligible to be listed as a MGT Coach and get referrals from MGT
  • Get a personal coupon that provides 25% off Lv1 Core Concepts for private students

Online Curriculum Overview

  • The Peak Performance Paradigm
  • All Mental Golf Type Level 1 Core Concepts: 
    • Facet 1: Extravert and Introvert
    • Facet 2: Sensing and iNtuition
    • Facet 3: Thinking and Feeling
    • Facet 4: Judging and Perceiving 
  • 4 Level 1 Communication Matrices for Coaches
  • Lesson Applications - Using MGT in lessons, on the range, and on the course. 
  • Coaching Applications - How coaches are using MGT with players and teams
  • Coaching Resources including:
    • Verification Profiles for all 16 types
    • Coaching cheat sheets
    • F.A.Q.'s and how to answer them
  • Free Content Updates

Additional Bonus Course

Limited Time Offer - Get early access to the Shot Process Certification course and free updates by enrolling in the MGT Lv1 Certification!

  • In this course you will learn:
    • The universal steps of a high level shot process
    • Tools all players can implement to improve their performance
  • You will also receive shot process blueprints for all 16 Mental Golf Types and specifically:
    • How each type works through each zone at their best
    • What they do in each zone when stressed
    • How to make a shift in performance
  • Plus, drills for developing the shot process
  • Free Content Updates and Live Classes

Mental Golf Type Lv1 Certification Course


Lifetime Access and Free Updates


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