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Certification for Coaches

Get your certification in the fastest growing and most powerful Mental Game Program and Performance Coaching

Become A Certified MGT Coach

Position Yourself Above The Competition

Turn Your Lessons Into High Performance Master Classes

Incorporate Mental Game Into Every Lesson Seamlessly

Make your lessons 10x more effective by incorporating Mental Golf Type:

  • Teach players to get into their optimal performance mindset at address
  • Help them learn how to make effective decisions they can trust
  • Train their best focus style whether player-side or target-side dominant
  • and so much more...


Become A Certified MGT Coach

Have A Blueprint To Each Player 

Enhance all of your coaching relationships by knowing exactly how each player likes to:

  • Practice 
  • Develop technique
  • Communicate about their game
  • Accomplish their goals
  • Prepare for tournaments



Become A Certified MGT Coach

Personalize Everything To The Individual

Each Mental Golf Type has a different way of achieving the optimal performance state. You will know exactly:

  • How they think when they are in a optimal state
  • What thoughts will instantly sabotage  performance
  • Stress diffusers that your players can use instantly
  • Trackable MGT specific shot processes
  • and so much more
Become A Certified MGT Coach

Mental Golf Type Lv1 Certification 

Has Endless Benefits For Your Coaching and Your Business 

You will have access to a ton of new opportunities such as:

  • Powerful market positioning
  • Coaching tools that your competition does not have
  • Done for you marketing plans
  • Extra revenue by earning a percentage of the MGT online training courses that your students purchase.
  • Access to our Coach Network to get new students sent to you
  • and much much more...

Watch the video to get a full scope of opportunities.

Become A Mental Golf Type Certified Coach

Be A Part of Our Coaches Community

Become a MGT Certified Coach and join the Coach Community to:

  • Ask specific player questions and monthly group support calls.
  • Bounce ideas and best practices off other MGT Certified Coaches.
  • Be eligible to be a referred coach to get students sent to you. 
  • Monthly webinars to continue education and learn best practices.
Become A Certified MGT Coach

New Student Referrals

By becoming a Mental Golf Type Certified Coach, you will be eligible to receive referrals of students looking for mental performance coaching. 

All MGT Certified Coaches receive a directory listing on with your personal contact information. 

Best of all there are no licensing fees associated with referrals and all referral business is free of charge.

Become A Certified MGT Coach

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