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Welcome to Mental Golf Type

Here at Mental Golf Type, we embrace the truth that one-size-fits-all advice is not just inadequate‚ÄĒit could be the very obstacle hindering your path to¬†optimal performance and enjoyment of the game.

Dive into a journey of self-discovery with our tailored mental fitting approach. Uncover the personalized strategies that will empower you to unlock your full potential, allowing you to consistently play in the zone. Say goodbye to generic advice and hello to a transformed golf experience, where stress fades away, and your love for the game grows stronger.

Begin your transformation now. Welcome to the new era of your golf game.

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Discover Your Unique Mental Golf Type

Your mind is as unique as your swing. With 16 distinct Mental Golf Types, understanding yours is crucial.

Embrace Your Strengths

Uncover your individual strengths and tailor your mental golf approach accordingly, amplifying your performance.

Customized Strategies

Gain insights into targeted strategies tailored to your Mental Golf Type, empowering you to excel on the course.

Banish Stress, Elevate Performance

Identify and eliminate stress triggers that hinder your swing and performance, paving the way for seamless play.

Fast-track Your Improvement

Say goodbye to trial and error. By honing in on your Mental Golf Type, you'll fast-track your progress and unleash your full potential on the course.

Experience the transformation in your game today.

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Our Partners

"It literally impacts everything I do in my game from my shot process to how I practice."

- Austen Truslow PGA / Korn Ferry Tour

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Enhance Your Consistency with Our Proven Approach.

Experience Our Tour-Tested Methodology, Centered Around "The BIG 3" in Mental Performance:

1. Stress Mastery

Mental stress is the silent saboteur of your golf game, causing inconsistency and swing breakdowns. We tackle this performance nemesis head-on.  

2. Precision Shot Process

Crafting an efficient shot process is paramount for consistency and score improvement. Elevate your game with our expert guidance.  

3. Champion Mindset

True success originates from within. Learn to cultivate your inner champion, paving the way for unparalleled performance excellence.  

>> The Big 3 Mental Approach Explained CLICK HERE

"If you want more consistency in your scoring then you must work on your mental performance."

- Giulia Sergas Former LPGA Tour Player / Solheim Cup / Olympics

>> Your Mind's Impact on Scoring Revealed CLICK HERE

Personalized Training Tailored to YOU.

Revolutionize Your Game with Our Training Programs.

Mental Golf Type's

Lv 1 Core Concepts

Welcome to the Foundational Program in Mental Golf Type.

Unlock the 4 Facets of the Mind, Master the Keys to Optimal Performance, Recognize Stress Triggers, and Learn Tailored Strategies for Your Unique Mind.

Click the box below to gain access to your exclusive online training program.

>> MGT LV1 1 Core Concepts

Mental Golf Type's

Consistency Formula

Now that you've grasped the core concepts, it's time to integrate MGT into your shot process.

Discover the universal steps to an impactful shot process, uncover your Mental Golf Type's unique blueprint for each zone, and access essential tools for honing your skills.

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Mental Fitness: Optimizing the Subconscious Mind

Join the ranks of top athletes harnessing visualization, positive mental programming, and subconscious power. Elevate your game with our exclusive audio collection designed to supercharge your confidence and performance on the course.

Click the box below to access this transformative online mental training program.

>> Mental Fitness

Golfers Guide to Mental Fitness

The "Golfer's Guide to Mental Fitness" is your comprehensive resource for unlocking the power of your mind and optimizing your performance on the course. 

Dive into the intricacies of your conscious and subconscious mind, and discover invaluable techniques for enhancing your success through mental relaxation.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and mastery with this essential guide.

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"It's given me a blueprint on how to work on the most important aspect of competitive golf; the mind."

- Gordan Brixi Asian Tour 

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Let's Face It: Golf is Tough...Really Tough.

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Tap into the wealth of knowledge offered by our seasoned coaches.

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Stay on track and motivated with personalized coaching support.

Reach New Heights

Experience a 60% increase in goal achievement through coach-led training.

Flexible Options

Access coaching through in-person sessions or convenient virtual training sessions.

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"Superior Mental Golf Performance Training For Every Golfer."

An Independent Review by Niche Golf

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