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Mental Golf Type's 

Lv 1 Core Concepts

This is the foundational program in Mental Golf Type. Discover the 4 facets of mind, what to do to play your best, what indicates stress, and how to shift based on your unique mind. Click the box to get access to your online training program.

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Mental Golf Type's

Consistency Formula

Once you know your core concepts, the next step is applying MGT in your shot process. Learn the universal steps to an effective shot process, your Mental Golf Type's blueprint to each zone, and tools for training it. Click the box below to get access to  your online training program. 

>> MGT Consistency Formula

Mental Golf Type

Performance Bundle

Once people start the training, just about everyone decides to get both Mental Golf Type programs.  For a limited time, you can bundle the programs and save.  

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Mental Fitness: Optimizing the Subconscious Mind

Everybody has heard top athletes talk about visualization, positive mental programming, and the power of the subconscious. Now it's your chance to train your mind in the same way. This audio collection will boost your confidence and play.  Click the box to get access to this online mental training program.

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Golfers Guide to Mental Fitness

Golfers Guide to Mental Fitness provides a wealth of information about how the mind works and how you can make it work for you. No matter your skill level, this book will help foster personal growth throughout your entire career. Learn about your conscious and subconscious mind, and how to accelerate success through mental relaxation.

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