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The Consistency Formula

Elevated Shot Process Training

Ineffective Routine = Inconsistent Results

Without an effective shot process, achieving consistency and entering the zone are elusive goals.

Let's face it, every golfer requires an effective shot process.

Why? Because you engage in it on every shot of every round. Why not optimize your chances for success?

Many golfers have a pre-shot "routine," typically involving a couple of rehearsal swings and a mind cluttered with random thoughts.

It's crucial to understand that a routine isn't a shot process. A shot process is a systematic approach to preparing for a shot, both physically and mentally

Success in golf involves more than just executing a good swing—It Requires Consistency.

Many golfers believe that refining their swing alone will enhance their consistency. However, to truly maximize physical skills, mental performance skills must also be developed.

To excel in each round, the shot process must take precedence. Here's why: the swing is just one part of the performance equation.

Before swinging the club:

  1. Assess the situation, gather information, and make a confident, clear, and committed decision.
  2. Prepare correctly for the shot and situation.
  3. Quiet and relax your mind before performing.
  4. Set up, aim, and focus your attention properly.
  5. Execute your swing.
  6. Evaluate the shot result and accept it to bring closure.
  7. Manage the result and prepare for the next shot.

Moreover, stress can emerge at any point in this process, leading to predictable changes in decision-making, targeting, preparation, focus at address, and more.

This undetected stress leads to swing breakdowns and costs strokes in every round.

Consistency stems from the shot process.

Consistency in golf hinges on mastering the shot process—a crucial mental skill that can be trained, developed, and fortified into an unwavering performance habit.

This mental performance skill is indispensable for all golfers. Your shot process must shield you from mental stress to consistently deliver your best swing.

To master the shot process, you must first define it. Once defined, it becomes repeatable. Repeatability breeds consistency. Over time, consistency solidifies into unbreakable habits of peak performance, resilient under pressure and in all situations

Introducing Mental Golf Type's Consistency Formula — A personalized blueprint to success tailored for each Mental Golf Type.  

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Tailored Training Just for YOU.

Unlock 3 Modules and 45 Lessons.

Training Module 1

Training Module 2

Training Module 3

Step-by-Step Guidance.

A Consistent, Trustworthy Shot Process.

Your Guide to a Tour-Quality Shot Process Tailored to Your Mental Golf Type.

Mental Golf Type's Consistency Formula reveals the ins and outs of an effective shot process.

The Ideal Structure:

Uncover the optimal structure of the shot process and the secrets of success in each zone.

Your MGT Shot Process Blueprint:

Navigate zones confidently based on your Mental Golf Type. Understand your tendencies in both peak and stressed states.

Clear and Defined for You:

No more guesswork. Receive clear, defined mental performance instructions for immediate on-course improvement.

Repeatable and Trackable:

With a defined shot process, track "qualified" processes on the course and gauge your mental performance throughout the round. Understand commitment to a shot based on your Mental Golf Type.

Make the Zone Your Habit:

Learn to train your shot process on and off the course. Turn your shot process into a habit of peak performance, dominating the mental game.

>> MGT's Consistency Formula

FocusBand Tested.

In addition to caddying on tour and observing Mental Golf Type shot processes under tournament pressure, extensive on-course work was conducted with players utilizing the FocusBand.

The FocusBand, a sophisticated headband device, tracks mental activity during play, offering real-time insights. Picture having instant feedback on whether your mind is in peak form or overwhelmed by stress.

Our on-course sessions with players using the FocusBand provided invaluable data, ensuring optimal performance. See the Mental Golf Type approach in action with this example of a player mastering their shot process using the FocusBand.


Unlock Everything You Need to Know.

Section 1: Unveiling The Universal Keys to Success

  • Uncover the One Common Habit That Leads to Major Inconsistency Before Every Shot
  • Explore a Shot Process Structure That Amplifies Your Consistency Tenfold
  • Discover Simple Secrets that Significantly Improve Your Success Rate in Hitting Great Shots
  • Receive Practical, Step-by-Step Structures and Exercises for Immediate Implementation
>> MGT's Consistency Formula

Enhance Timing.

Play With Confidence.

Effective shot processes are characterized by consistency and repeatability.

When you know what to do, it allows you to play with confidence and decisiveness.

In this video, witness consistency in action, both physically and mentally. Watch four different shots, all following the same tailored process.


Your Personalized Blueprint.

Section 2: Unveiling Your Mental Golf Type Specifics

In this section, we unveil precise details, including:

  • The Optimal Thought Processes for Each Zone of the Shot Process, Tailored to Your Mental Golf Type, and How to Implement Them
  • Identifying Stress-Inducing Thoughts in Each Zone of the Shot Process and Their Impact on Your Performance
  • Easy-to-Implement Strategies to Transition from Stress Mode to Optimal Mode, Aligned with Your Mental Golf Type
  • Tracking Your Shot Processes on the Course to Maintain Peak Performance and Achieve Your Best Scores
>> MGT's Consistency Formula

Use the MGT app.

Access your notes.

Bringing your mental performance keys to the golf course has never been simpler.

With the Mental Golf Type app, Access All your Consistency Formula information instantly on the course via your phone.

Now stay on track easily and achieve your best scores.

On and Off Course Training 

Part 3: Developing Your Shot Process

  • Explore Drills and Exercises Designed to Enhance Your Shot Process on the Range
  • Enhance Your Timing Within the Shot Process with The Shot Process Consistency Trainer Audio
  • Access Tools and Exercises for Immediate Application of your Mental Golf Type Specific Formula
  • Condition Your Subconscious Mind for Success with the Shot Process Mental Fitness Session
  • Plus, a Plethora of Additional Resources to Propel Your Game Forward
>> MGT's Consistency Formula

Trusted on Tour. 

Deliver Your Best When It Counts.

Witness Austen Truslow, ISTJ, Execute His Shot Process on the Opening Tee Shot at the 123rd U.S. Open at Los Angeles Country Club (LACC).

The situation may vary, but the shot process remains constant. This is the key to cultivating confidence and consistency in your performance.


Embrace this system for every shot.

Position Yourself for Success on Each Shot and Achieve Greater Consistency Round after Round.

Mental Golf Type's Consistency Formula Includes:

  • 3 Training Modules comprising 45 Lessons
    • Module 1: Universal Success Keys
    • Module 2: Mental Golf Type Specific Strategies
    • Module 3: Shot Process Training
  • Range Drills
  • Mental Fitness Session
  • Timing Trainer
  • Tracking Your Shot Process

Experience Immediate Improvements in Consistency and Performance. Plus, Gain Lifelong Resources for Your Golf Game that You'll Reference Time and Again.

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