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An Ineffective Routine = Inconsistent Results

Without an effective shot process you can't play in the zone or expect consistency.

Let's be honest, everyone needs an effective shot process.  

Why?  Because you literally do it on every shot of every round you play.  Why wouldn't you want to give yourself the best opportunity to succeed? 

Most golfers have some kind of  pre-shot "routine."  But it mostly consists of a rehearsal swing or two, and a mind filled with darting random thoughts.

It's important to know that a routine is not a shot process.  A shot process is a systematic way of preparing for a shot both physically and mentally.  

There is more to a successful shot than just a good swing.  

It's a fact that every golfer wants to perform more consistently. 

Many believe they can achieve greater consistency on the course simply with more work on their golf swing.  When in reality, they need to work on developing mental performance skills in order to maximize their physical skills. 

To bring out your best in each round, the shot process has to become your primary responsibility as a player.  Here is why.  The swing is just a piece of the performance equation. 

Before you even swing the club:

  • First, you must assess the situation, gather information, and make a decision that fuels confidence, clarity, and commitment.
  • Then you need to prepare correctly for the shot and situation.
  • Next, you must work to quiet and relax your mind before performing.
  • You then need to setup, aim, and focus your attention properly.
  • NOW, it's time to execute your swing.
  • But, you still have to evaluate the result of the shot and accept it to bring closure.
  • And, deal with the result for the next couple minutes before repeating the same process on the next shot.

Plus, STRESS can emerge in any area of this performance equation and create predictable changes in decision making, targeting, preparation, how you focus at address, and much more. 

This UNDETECTED STRESS is creating swing breakdowns and costing you strokes. Every round.

Where does consistency come from?

The shot process.

Consistency in golf comes from mastering the shot process.  Your shot process is a MENTAL SKILL.  It can be trained, developed, and strengthened into an unstoppable performance habit in your game.  

This mental performance skill is essential for all golfers to develop.  Your shot process must keep you free of mental stress if you want to swing your best shot after shot.  This is the path to lower scores.

To master the skill of the shot process, you first must be able to define it.  When you can define it, then it becomes repeatable.  And, repeatability creates consistency.  Consistency over time forms unbreakable habits of peak performance that hold up under pressure and in all situations.

Finally, there is a blueprint to success specific for each Mental Golf Type.


Mental Golf Type's Consistency Formula.  

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Training designed specifically for YOU.

3 modules and 45 lessons.

Training Module 1

Training Module 2

Training Module 3

Step-by-step instruction.

A repeatable, reliable shot process. 


Your guide to a tour quality shot process tailored to your Mental Golf Type.

Mental Golf Type's Consistency Formula will help you discover all the in's and out's of an effective shot process. 

The Ideal Structure 

Learn the optimal structure of the shot process and the secrets of success in each of the zones.

Your MGT Shot Process Blueprint

Know exactly how to navigate these zones based on your Mental Golf Type.  Understand what you do when at your best and what you do when you are in stress.

Clear and Defined For You 

No more guess work.  Clear and defined mental performance instruction that will immediately boost performance on the golf course.

Repeatable and Trackable  

With a defined shot process, you can track ‘qualified’ shot processes on the course and measure your mental performance for the round.  Now you will know what it actually means to be committed to a shot or not based on your Mental Golf Type.  Commitment to a shot is no longer a vague concept. 

Make The Zone Your Habit 

Learn what to do to train your shot process on and off the course.  Discover the steps to turning your shot process into your habit of peak performance.  Develop the mental skill that lets you dominate. 

>> MGT's Consistency Formula

FocusBand tested.

In addition to caddying on tour, and testing Mental Golf Type shot processes under tournament pressure, there was also extensive on-course work done with players using the FocusBand.

A FocusBand is a headband device worn by players that measures mental activity during performance. 

Using the FocusBand enabled us to see real time whether the player's mind was in a relaxed/optimal state or in an overly active/stressed state.  One feedback method is a tone that is generated when the mind is relaxed.  It stops playing if the mind is overly active, gets distracted, or changes state.

Here is an example of a player applying his Mental Golf Type keys in his shot process using the FocusBand.


Everything you need to know.

Section 1: The Universal Keys to Success

  • Find out this 1 thing that almost every player does before a shot that causes major inconsistency
  • Discover the shot process structure that will make you 10x more consistent
  • Learn simple secrets that raise your percentage of hitting a great shot dramatically
  • Get practical step by step structure and exercises to follow that are easy to implement immediately
>> MGT's Consistency Formula

Improving Timing.

Play Decisively.

Effective shot processes are consistent and repeatable. 

When you know what to do it lets you play confident and decisiveness.  

In this video, you will see consistency in action both physically and mentally.  Watch 4 different shots, same tailored process.



Your personalized blueprint.

Section 2: Your Mental Golf Type Specifics

In this program, we reveal the exact:

  • The thought processes that are optimal for you in each zone of the shot process based on you Mental Golf Type and how to implement
  • The thoughts that create stress in each zone of the shot process and break your performance down
  • Easy to implement strategies for you to shift from stress mode into optimal mode based on your Mental Golf Type
  • How to track your shot processes on the course to keep you in the zone and scoring your best
>> MGT's Consistency Formula

Use the MGT app.

Access your notes.

Taking your mental performance keys to the golf course has never been easier.  

With the Mental Golf Type app, you can access all your Consistency Formula information at any time on the course through your phone.

Now you can easily stay on the right track and shoot your best scores.

On and Off Course Training 

Part 3: Developing Your Shot Process

  • Discover drills and exercises that develop your shot process on the range
  • Improve your timing in your shot process with The Shot Process Consistency Trainer audio
  • Tools and exercises to master your Mental Golf Type Specific Formula immediately. 
  • Condition your subconscious mind for success with the Shot Process Mental Fitness Session
  • And Much More
>> MGT's Consistency Formula

Trusted on tour. 

Deliver your best when your best is required.

Watch Austen Truslow, ISTJ, execute his shot process on his opening tee shot at the 123rd U.S. Open at Los Angeles Country Club (LACC).   

The situation may change, but the shot process stays the same. This is how you create confidence and consistency in your performance. 


You will use this system on every shot.

Put yourself into the best position to succeed on each shot and perform more consistently each round.

Mental Golf Type's Consistency Formula includes:

3 training modules containing 45 lessons

  • Module 1: Universal Success Keys
  • Module 2: Mental Golf Type Specific Strategies 
  • Module 3: Shot Process Training  
    • Range Drills
    • Mental Fitness Session
    • Timing Trainer
    • Tracking Your Shot Process

Experience immediate improvements in your consistency and performance. And, get a lifelong resources for your golf game that you will reference again and again.

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>> MGT's Consistency Formula