Discover Your Potential: Mental Golf Type® Level 1 Core Concepts Training

Conquer the Silent Performance Killer, Stress, Affecting Every Golfer, Every Round.

Stress cripples your ability to enter the zone.

Inconsistency in golf isn't just about your swing—it's about managing stress effectively.

Here's the science: When faced with threats, real or imagined, your body releases cortisol and adrenaline, disrupting your swing mechanics.

Cortisol inhibits your motor cortex, responsible for movement and your golf swing. Adrenaline spikes your heart rate, affecting your motor skills and leading to swing breakdowns.

Ever experienced a great range session after a rough round? Stress is likely the culprit.

When stress dissipates, your brain and body regain normal function, unlocking your true potential on the course.

Most stress flies under the radar, subtly impacting performance.  

While acute stress, such as the pressure of a crucial putt on the 18th hole, is immediately noticeable and demands attention, most stress remains subtle and undetected.

Similar to the boiled frog analogy, where gradual changes in temperature go undetected until it's too late, subtle stress stays just below the radar and undermines performance.

 On and off the golf course, subtle stress can be just as detrimental as acute stress.

But, here is good news: Your response to stress is predictable.

To unlock your best golf game, understanding the true source of stress is crucial.

While many players attribute stress to external factors, it's your individual reaction to these situations that triggers the "fight or flight" response and its negative consequences.

These reactions are often ingrained over a lifetime as habits, thought patterns, and behaviors. However, your mind's underlying hard-wiring predicts your stress type and reaction.

Although eliminating stress entirely may be impossible, changing your response to it is achievable once you recognize its signs.

By learning the subtle indicators of stress based on YOUR personality, you can make corrections as needed and perform better in the moment.

Consistent golf and lower scores stem from managing stress to enter the ZONE effectively.

So, what's the solution? It's not another mental golf book—it's a custom mental game approach tailored to your unique mind.

Introducing Mental Golf Type Lv1 Core Concepts —

This program will revolutionize your golf game forever.

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Tailored Training Just for YOU.

Unlock 6 Modules and 64 Lessons

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Empower Yourself.

Seize Control with Ease When You Know the Way.

Mental Golf Type teaches you about YOU; it uncovers what you naturally do.

Finally, understand why you perform well on some days and poorly on others—it's all predictable based on your Mental Golf Type. Lv1 Core Concepts will help you:

Uncover Your Innate Strengths

Identify what you excel at and where to focus for easier performance.

Recognize Your Stress Indicators

Discover your red flags and warning signs of impending swing breakdowns.

Address and Overcome Stress

Learn tailored strategies to shift from stress and perform at your best.

Achieve Consistent Peak Performance

The key to peak performance is the absence of mental stress. Eliminate stress and experience greater success without swing changes. 

Enhance Your Enjoyment

Reduced stress leads to improved performance and increased enjoyment of the game.

Get MGT Lv1 Core Concepts

Gain Pro Insights.

Accelerate progress.

Lv1 Core Concepts modules feature 'Player Insights': interviews with professional golfers sharing your mental strengths.

Learn from their experiences and how they apply these same mental skills on the course.

Conquer Stress.

Invoke the Relaxation Response.

Application is key.  To succeed, you need simple, repeatable processes for conquering stress on the golf course.

Once you've mastered the 13 core concepts of your Mental Golf Type, training shifts to applying and honing mental skills.

In Lv1 Core Concepts, you'll learn an effective 3-step process that overrides stress reactions, inducing the desired relaxation response.

This repeatable process communicates new signals to your brain through your physiology, neurology, and personality, desensitizing stress effects and empowering confident performance in any situation.

Easy to remember and apply, all information is conveniently housed in the MGT app for quick reference. Just in case.

Get MGT Lv1 Core Concepts

Leverage the MGT app.

Access your notes with ease.

Bringing your mental performance to the golf course as never been simpler.

With the Mental Golf Type app, access your digital yardage book notes anytime, anywhere, right from your phone.

Stay on course and shoot your best scores effortlessly.

Train your brain.

Elevate your game with relaxation.

Achieving success with our mental fitness audios couldn't be simpler.

Just relax, listen, and watch your game improve. It's as easy as that.

A secret of top performers is their off-course brain training.

While every golfer has heard about mental rehearsal and visualization, few truly understand how to harness its power.

Now, with Lv1 Core Concepts, you can train your subconscious like the pros and reap the benefits in your game.

These mental fitness sessions will:

  1. Embed program lessons in your subconscious for easy recall and application.
  2. Diminish stress and enhance performance through mental rehearsal exercises, visualization, and more.
  3. Establish mental triggers to dispel stress and instantly ignite confidence whenever needed.

Experience greater self-assurance, play with reduced stress, and achieve lower scores more consistently.

Get MGT Lv1 Core Concepts

Refine Your Mental Game With On-Course Activities.

These exercises breathe life into your education, offering simple yet impactful techniques to elevate your performance.

Sharpen your ability to identify stress and apply your mental strengths during rounds and practice sessions.

Plus, with the MGT app, you can effortlessly carry your lessons to the course, ensuring you stay on track every step of the way.

Achieve Instant Improvement.

Develop Skills for a Lifetime.

Seize the Moment. Play Great Now with Mental Golf Type Lv1 Core Concepts.

Mental Golf Type Lv1 Core Concepts Offers:

  • 6 Personalized Training Modules with 64 Lessons
  • Insights into Your Mind's 4 Facets and 13 Core Concepts
  • Player Insights
  • On-Course Activities
  • Digital Yardage Book Notes
  • Retention Exams
  • Mental Fitness Sessions
  • Meditation Audios
  • Downloadable Self-Discovery Exercises
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