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Lv1 Core Concepts Training Program

Stress is the secret performance killer.

It impacts every golfer in every round.

If your mind is stressed, You can't play in the zone.

The biggest frustration in golf is inconsistency.  At the root of this problem, it is actually stress, not your swing.   

Here is the basic science.

The stress reaction is an automatic reaction.  This reaction can take when facing real or imagined threats. 

When this occurs, cortisol and adrenaline are released.  This is what changes your golf swing. Here is how. 

The cortisol inhibits your motor cortex, or the part of your brain responsible for movement and your golf swing. 

Adrenaline speeds up your heart rate.  Your heart rate is also linked to your motor skills. The higher it gets the greater the swing breakdown. 

Ever wonder why on somedays you can hit it poorly on the course and after the round flush it on the range?  The reason is stress. 

When the imagined threat is over and the mental stress is released, your brain and body are free to operate normally again.

Most stress is subtle and remains undetected by players.  

It is easy to recognize stress when it's acute, like if you get hit with a golf ball or are in an accident. In these kinds of moments, the dramatic changes you experience are easily noticeable and get your mind’s attention. 

The same is true on the golf course… It's easy to recognize stress during high pressure situations. Maybe it’s the first tee shot of the last round or a putt to win the tournament on the 18th hole. 

However, most stress is subtle, staying just below your radar and causing you to under-perform. 

The best analogy for the effects of stress is the boiled frog. If you drop a frog into a pot of boiling hot water, it will immediately feel the extreme heat and jump out. 

But if you put a frog in lukewarm water and slowly and gradually turn up the heat, the subtle changes in temperature go undetected and the frog boils. 

This is the nature of stress on and off the golf course.

But, there is good news.

Your reaction to stress is actually predictable.

To play your best golf it is important you understand the “true” source of stress. 

The majority of players tend to believe that stress is caused by external situations and other people.  

The reality is, players react differently to the same situations, so stress cannot be caused by the “external” stimuli. It is the player’s individual reaction to the situation that actually causes the “fight or flight” response to take place and the negative consequences of it. 

These negative “reactions” to situations are usually developed over our lifetime as “habits” of reaction, “patterns” of thoughts, and “patterns” of behavior. 

However, the underlying hard-wiring of your mind can predict the type of stress you will have and how you will react when stressed.  

While you will never be able to completely eliminate stress, you can change your response to it once you can recognize it happening.

When you can do this, you basically have a blueprint to your mind. 

So the more you can learn the subtle indicators of stress based on YOUR personality, the easier it is to make corrections when needed and perform better in the moment.

Playing CONSISTENT GOLF and SHOOTING LOWER SCORES comes from avoiding STRESS so that you can get in the ZONE. 

So, what’s the solution (hint: It’s NOT another mental golf book)?

What you need is a custom mental game approach that works for your unique mind… not another piece of generic mental golf advice.

Introducing…Mental Golf Type Lv1 Core Concepts.  

This will change the way you play golf forever.

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Training designed specifically for YOU.

6 modules and 64 lessons.

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Learn to take control.

It's easy when you know what to do. 

Mental Golf Type wasn't designed to teach you to do something new. It reveals what you actually do.

Finally, you will know why you perform well on certain days and poorly on others. It's all predictable based on your Mental Golf Type.  Lv1 Core Concepts will help you...

Discover Your Innate Strengths

When you know what you do best and what to focus on performance gets easier.

Identify Your Stress Indicators

We reveal all your red flags and warning signs that a swing breakdown is looming.

Detect and Correct Stress

Learn specific strategies based on your hard-wiring to shift from stress and play your best.

Play Your Best More Consistently

The peak performance state is simply "the absence of mental stress." Eliminate the stress and experience greater success without swing changes. 

Elevate Levels of Enjoyment

When you play with less stress, you perform better and enjoy the game more.

Get MGT Lv1 Core Concepts

Get insights from pros.

Make faster progress.

Lv1 Core Concepts modules contain 'Player Insights.' 

These are interviews with professional golfers who have the same mental strengths as you. 

Learn from their experiences and how they apply these same mental skills on the golf course.    

Conquer stress.

Create the relaxation response.

Application is important.  To be successful, you need simple and repeatable processes to conquering stress on the golf course.  

After you learned the 13 core concepts of your Mental Golf Type, the focus of the training shifts to application and development of the mental skills.

In Lv1 Core Concepts, you will learn an effective 3 step process that overrides the stress reaction and replaces it with the desired relaxation response.  

This repeatable 3 step process sends new signals to the brain through your physiology, neurology, and personality.  

These 3 steps will help you desensitize the effects of stress, and enable you to step up and perform confidently in any moment. 

Best of all, it's easy to remember and apply.  Plus, all the information is contained in the MGT app for easy reference.  Just in case. 

Get MGT Lv1 Core Concepts

Use the MGT app.

Access your notes.

Taking your mental performance keys to the golf course has never been easier.  

With the Mental Golf Type app, you can access all your digital yardage book notes at any time on the course through your phone.

Now you can easily stay on the right track and shoot your best scores.

Train your brain.

Improve your game while you relax.

Success using our mental fitness audios is easy.

Relax, listen, and improve. How simple is that?

A secret of the top performers is doing off course brain training. 

Every golfer has heard about mental rehearsal and visualization, but few really know how to do it. 

Now you can train your subconscious like the top pros and experience the tremendous benefits in your game too.  

The mental fitness sessions contained in Lv1 Core Concepts will train your subconscious mind to:

  • Remember, apply, and act upon the lessons from the program.
  • Desensitize stress and improve performance through mental rehearsal exercises, visualization, and more.
  • Establish mental triggers to wash away stress and instantly awaken confidence in any moment.
  • Create greater self-confidence, play with less stress, and shoot lower scores more consistenly.
Get MGT Lv1 Core Concepts

On course activities.

Develop your mental game.

The Lv1 Core Concepts On-Course Activities will bring your education to life through simple to apply exercises that boost performance.

Elevate your ability to recognize stress and learn how to apply your mental strengths during your rounds and while practicing on the range.

And, the MGT app makes it easy to bring your lessons with you to the course to keep you on track. 

Make immediate improvements. 

Build skills that last a lifetime.

It's time to take action.  Your personality won't change.  Why wait when you can play great now.

Mental Golf Type Lv1 Core Concepts includes:

  • 6 personalized training modules containing 64 lessons
  • Learn about the 4 facets of your mind and the essential 13 core concepts
  • Player insights
  • On course activities
  • Digital yardage book notes
  • Retention exams
  • Mental fitness sessions
  • Meditation audios
  • Downloadable self-discovery exercises
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