Taking Your Shot: Embracing Action on the Path to Golfing Greatness

#motivation #taking action Apr 08, 2024

In the realm of golf, whether you're a player aiming for the next level or a coach striving to elevate your students, the journey is fraught with challenges that can stir up fears, doubts, and procrastination. Yet, the cornerstone of success in this journey isn't just in mastering the technical aspects of the game or understanding the psychology behind it. The real game-changer is inspired action. Without it, the dream of reaching new heights in golf remains just that—a dream.

Drawing from my experiences and the hurdles I've faced in being self-employed and responsible for my own success, I want to share with you some transformative thoughts that have propelled me forward, even when fear seemed like an insurmountable obstacle.

Fail Forward Fast. This concept, first encountered in Marshall Sylver's audio program "Passion, Profit, and Power," might initially seem counterintuitive, especially in a sport where precision and accuracy are prized. Yet, embracing the idea of failing forward fast is liberating. It teaches us that taking action, even if it leads to failure, is a step toward success. Each swing, each missed putt, is not just a mistake; it's a learning opportunity that brings you closer to mastery. The pursuit of perfection can often paralyze us. Instead, focus on action—because it's through action that we find our way.

The Thought Is Always More Overwhelming Than The Task. This insight, shared by my friend Tom Nicoli, holds immense power. Our minds have a knack for magnifying new challenges, making them seem far more daunting than they truly are. When faced with learning something new in your swing or integrating a mental game strategy into your game, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. However, more often than not, once you begin the task, you'll find it's much more manageable than anticipated. Remember, the most significant victories often start with the simplest actions.

Champions Are Made When Nobody Is Around. This adage, instilled in me by my father, resonates deeply within the golfing world. True excellence in golf comes from the countless hours spent practicing away from the cheering crowds and the competitive tension of tournaments. It's about the early mornings and late evenings you dedicate to refining your swing, understanding the game, and studying the mental game. Champions aren't just born; they're made through dedication, perseverance, and, most importantly, action taken in solitude.

These three powerful principles have guided me through moments of hesitation and doubt, pushing me to act and pursue my goals relentlessly in sports and in business. Whether you're facing a challenging shot or breaking out of a slump, remember that inspired action is your most potent tool. Let these thoughts motivate you to take that step, swing that club, and chase after your dreams with unwavering determination. Because in the end, it's not just about aiming for success—it's about moving closer to it with every action you take.

By John Weir


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